A Real Cantina…Con Musica!

San Miquel holds many delights one of them certainly being the daily surprises that await you right in your neighbourhood while going through your neighbourhood from point A to point B. Slept in a bit today so got a late start but no matter. I carefully picked my way through the road construction which still has huge and largely unmarked holes here and there but where there are hombres on their hands and knees hand placing the dug up cobblestones one by one in cement in a surprisingly straight and orderly fashion! And best of all the newly laid cobblestones seem to be flatter as they are incased in cement and the top is mas o menos flat.

I think this whole operation has been going on for more than a month now and I m quite sure it will be going on after I take my leave at the end of the month. Next winter, I have located a Joanne friendly rental right IN Centro in a flat part no less and I am glad, glad, glad.

Getting back to the topic of neighbourhood surprises on this afternoon s descent into Centro on the extremely steep and perilous Homobono Calle which is only partly accessible by car but mostly traversible on foot with care. Anyway, I was minding my own business as I usually do enjoying my Trufla Magnum ice cream bar when I heard guitar and accordion music coming from this unmarked building with an open door. I paused for a moment and decided to stroll in hiding behind my fake RayBan sunglasses and my new mercado acquired Charlie straw hat.

Anyway, this old hombre comes over, I order a Victoria and sit at one of the ubiquitous white plastic table and chair that you see everywhere inside and out. Well, yes, it was a real POP UP cantina that just happened to be open at the time I strolled by. I spotted the temperature guage on the cerveza cooler, that s how I deduced that the place might be an authentic cantina NOT on the bilioteca cantina tour that I recently went on but one with non gringo pricing. And hell, yeah! My frosty bottle of Victoria cerveza was only 15 pesos! This is REAL Mexican pricing! I think that there are a number of dwellings in the compound and the front part that gringos might have used for off street parking was turned into a cantina with two modern cerveza fridges. Last weekend I actually paid the NOB price of 85 pesos for quite a small mojito…once. It was an interesting but far too caro establishment called La Chopperia. The music was good and the sidewalk hostess was effective in drumming up business for the swish but half empty establishment.

And now I m pecking this posting out at a 10 peso an hour cyber cafe before heading to the Post Office located appropriately on Correo Calle and then I ll hike over to The San Miquel de Allende School of English where I hope more than one student shows up this week. I think I ve got two week worth of materials ready but you never know. Always better to have more not less than you think you will need.

Will post some on the fly pictures of today s events mas tarde…Onward!

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