Guest Postings for Two Different Sites Pending this Week…

It is almost the very last day of the second last month of my third snowbird winter and I ve got two articles pending for two different sites so to move them to the front burners I ll list them to be accountable.

The first request was from Nora Dunn of and the most recent one was

Okay, that s the two front burner writing projects for this week!  Now time to do an hour blog scan at this cyber cafe in Centro and add some cut and paste links to expand and amplify my individual postings. I m pushing 175 postings presently and I would like to hit 200 by the time I m at the Leon International Airport in the wee early hours of the 30th of April.

It seems lately that the blog postings are almost writing themselves as I reflect on my first winter in San Miquel de Allende. My Artist Way grupo led by Joseph Bennett , a LifePath practicioner, interior designer, AW leader, improv troup leader, assemblage artist, art marketing consulting wrapped up this week so an afternoon has freed  up to do some serious writing.

Btw,this talented entrepreneur wears many top hats and wears them very well. As I told him as I was exiting his home on Subida de Caracol after the final hurrah of the 12 week themed program on Tuesdsay afternoon, ´It s a long time since I felt like seasonal riffraff.

Ánd it s very true. I don t live like a typical tourista, I m not in a gated gringo gulch enclave hanging out exclusively with other Canadians and I m really endeavoring to improve my espanol cada dia. Being here has been benefiicial for that as I use espanol every day in the tienditas y con the taxi drivers to return home each night after going out for the day and/or night. Centainly, Plan B or what ever letter it turned out to be has worked out just fine. But yes, I will do a day trip to Queretero to visit English Works/Spanish Works Escuela to see the owner of the school where I thought I was going to be working for actual pesos this winter.

Here in SMA, I ve had the opportunity to volunteer in two different schools at Level 1 and Level 6 and I m happy with that. It s always good to gain actual f2f 3experience if I want to move into online TESL tutoring for PayPal dollars. I m aware of an established Chinese school that is seeking native speakers for online English instruction which I basically do from anywhere in the world!


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