Walkabouts in San Miquel de Allende


This is so very true but really applies to my style of travel or exploration almost anywhere. Here in SMA the Centro area is just a rabbits warren of narrow cobblestone streets going every which way always with something new and interesting to discover. It’s like opening your eyes in the morning and finding yet another unwrapped Christmas present.

You can delay the unwrapping by having a shower, breakfast our coffee building up the anticipation because you know that day or night something will happen to you that has not happened before. Essentially, it’s like being a kid once more. Even with another birthday looming when I return in May I’m still in awe when I travel anywhere. For me it’s a spiritual practice and I don’t say thus lightly.

Yesterday, for example I had a slow mo morning and didn’t get out and about till mid afternoon but I still had time to tell the guy laying the cobblestones he was doing good work, walk down the very steep Homobono Calle into Centro, walk through the huge market there, decide to stroll down Calle Anima, saw a Se Rente sign, stopped to ask about it, had a full enchilada verde dinner with two tall jimaca drinks for only 40 pesos in an unnamed/no sign family restaurant for only 40 pesos, walked towards the Plaza stopping to see this very large, very noisy biker street ride bookended by policia cars for traffic and crowd control, had my first Miguito with fresh mint at a hip, happening place called Chopperia and walked through a tiende selling really high end leather work made by prisoners sold to help their families.

I them hailed a cab, chatted with the driver en espanol and because of road construction had to walk the last part of the way home just barely beating the rain, thunder and lightning. I was actually standing AT the tall black metal gate fumbling with my keys when a lightning bolt flashed overhead.

OMG! Did this ALL happen completely unplanned, unscheduled and in that chronological order?

Yes, and I purposely write out in one stream of conscious sentence to convey the f l o w of life here. I didn’t have my smartphone, I did have my camera in my pocket for east access and I want concerned about finding a place with wifi to check in or post our upload something. I brought my small portable 100 page journal and a nice flowy poem to tremendous some thoughts if I was on my own someplace. Writers have been writing in restaurants, bars and cafes forever so I think it’s much more socially acceptable and less isolating than powering into and touching a small screen.

I think last night was Earth night where people all over the world were encourage to turn out their lights for am hour. I got home about 830 in the middle but I did check my now fully charged phone and someone posted this great Durex commercial with the theme, Turn Off to Turn On. I’ll have to check but presumably Durex is a condom maker so the little vignettes were humorous but also rang true! Instead of the couples interacting with each other they were ‘parallel playing’ with their respective sometimes not-so-smartphones! Even this bridal couple shown in their full wedding regalia sitting side by side in bed!

I guess the point is, and Yes I do have one is that all the social media in the world will not and should not replace f2f and telephone contact with your amigas y amigos! And don’t even get me started on the whole ‘online dating’ phantamasgoria mess because I’ll just start weeping.

And why wreck another beautiful warm, sunny domingo here in Mexico?



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