Statistics about Mexican Expatriates

Yes, Juan, there are over a half million expats living in Mexico and even with the new tighter regulations with a much higher qualifying monthly income the exodus south continues.

And I’d be lying if I said this hadn’t crossed my mind because it has especially this last week when I’ve been in a bit of a funk looking at the kijiji and Craigslist rentals for Nanaimo.

I really need a CO rent situation with other travelers/boomers like myself OR I’m basically sentenced to living in a dark basement suite spending half…or more of my teachers’ pension on rent and utilities. Despite the above average vacancy rate in Nanaimo and seeing the same overpriced places month after month after month the rents have not adjusted to the market reality.

My mortgage payment in Penticton was 1200. plus utilities. Why would I want to pay this for a subterranean basement suite with nosy, inflexible landlords like I had last year? I was a landlord for 17 years in Penticton so I know up close and personal that it’s not ONLY about the money.

And don’t even get me started about what kind of VILLA I can rent here for the same kind of money where typically the places are fully furnished and included maid and gardener service. I may start weeping…

In any case, I have the wonderful Mulligan clan in Hammond Bay who has has graciously welcomed me back for ? mes for the summer road trip season and is storing my Mustang convertible in their garage as we speak. Muy grande gracias shoutout to Neil, Kristine and of course the LBD wonderdog, Suzi!


Regretably, THESE particular RayBans have met an untimely demise but my collection current contains not one by four versions and there are still a few Tuesday Markets left this month!


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