San Miguel de Allende Rental Apartments – The Actor’s Studios

As luck would have it when I was strolling down Calle Anima I spotted a Se Rente sign. There are dos apartiamentos above this hair salon that I’m going to check out tomorrow en la tarde. Not, regrettably these way cool units but …

The price is right as they say. Checking with a few expats that I know they tell me that the location is great, handy dandy to the market and tortilleria and of course neighbourhood restaurantes and cantinas. I d like to secure clean, safe accommodation prior to my departure from San Miquel de Allende. I ll be checking out of my casita in Los Balcones on the 28th when the maid shows up to clean the place, head to the Alcatraz Hostel in Centro for my last day/night in SMA! At 160 pesos, once again the price is right. On the morning of the 29th I ll be heading to Leon to be closer to the airport for an early, early departure on the 30th. I have to go through two airports enroute to Victoria International arriving at about midnight mas o menos.

As they say, the sands of time are slipping through the hourglass…sigh…


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