Phantasmagoria and Other Poems by Lewis Carroll (C.L. Dodgson)

My preceding post used the word ‘phantasmagoria.’ This was in reference to the shape shifting vagaries of the so called online dating world. The word just popped into my composing brain, I ran with it and now that I’ve looked up the source, C.S.Lewis who as we know had quite a lot of unresolved’issues’ with girls and women, I now know I was spot on.

The link above goes to the poem in it’s entirety included for aficionados of obscure literary references.

I now return you to more pleasant discourses about the life and times of being a muy feliz jubilada. Just a fantastico Spanish word. Sounds like the English word, ‘jubilant.’

And jubilant I certainly AM on this lovely sunny domingo. In previous years, not that long ago I would have been distressed that my two week compressed living spring break was drawing to a close.

No longer…


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