HappyCow- San Miguel De Allende, Mexico Vegetarian Restaurants – Smartphone Edition


It’s not easy being a vegetarian here, not that I am one, but there are a few places worth checking out in my finale month. With fruits and vegetables so plentiful and inexpensive here it totally makes sense to move towards a more plant based diet.


Mark Bittman https://twitter.com/bittman, author of How to Cook Everything which I own has adopted what he terms the VB6, vegan before 6 lifestyle which imposes some healthy restrictions on part of your day but imho does not cramp your socialization in the evenings when you want to enjoy your dinner meal without obsessing, dissectingc sourcing or worse rationalizing every mouthful.

And yes, k.d. lang, I agree, the term’vegan’ is used loosely, very loosely and not strictly in keeping with the PETA doctrines with their, ‘Don’t eat anything that has a face’ philosophy but dammit, sometimes I just feel like a really high quality burger OR…gasp…hotdog.

So shoot me.

Fortunately there is absolutely no controversy at ALL about the vegan status of cervezas o Margaritas.

Viva Mexico!


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