RETIRE IN STYLE BLOG by Fellow Blogger

LOVE the title! And yes, it’s being updated and maintained. This I have found out is the true challenge of travel blogging. Are you living the life OR living the life just to report on it. What is your real m.o. or motivation.

For me, it’s certainly a creative outlet and most postings almost write remarks. My following is grieving and zip find that gratifying. I’ve been asked to write a guest post for and http://www.retirement which of course is an honor. And yes,I truly do want to offer some insider information and connect with like minded retirees with a similar retirement philosophy and lifestyle.

Not every retired boomer is living in s paid of house with a swanky golf club  membership, not that there’s anything wrong with that to use an old Seinfield expression. It’s just not for me even IF it was possible which it isn’t. I didn’t but my first house until I was 40 and I struggled for 17 years to keep out afloat AndI struggled to sell it. I struggled to survive in the last remaining old boys network school district in B.C. I struggled to like Penticton because the name of the city means’Place to Stay Forever.’

I just cannot and do not want to struggle anymore. Each and every single one of these struggled perhaps have made me stronger but they have also had a tremendous toll on my physical, emotional and spiritual health. And I’m still paying the price years later for this overwhelming burden of stress that I can hardly believe I survived.

So yes, now that I’ve put all that firmly in the tear view mirror do I still experience dark nights of the soul. For sure bit they pass and right now I can look outside the window and see that another sunny warm day in San Miquel awaits me filed with a myriad of delightful surprises!


Like hopping on a five peso bus to nowhere in particular and being spontaneously serenaded by a guitarist and his sidekick bongo playing buddy boisterously singing Spanish, English and Spanglish songs!


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