A Satisfying Retirement – Leads To A Satisfying Life: Being a Snowbird: Is It The Right Choice For You?


Interestingly enough,  there are many other happy snowbirds like myself from the Pacific Northwest! And we ALL have a story to tell!


Really, the bottom line for MY particular style of cost effective retirement is that I didn’t want anything from my previous life to be the same. I didn’t want to be a homeowner and landlord. I didn’t want to do any yardwork. I didn’t want to teach little kids. I didn’t want to live in Penticton or Nanaimo for that matter in the gray, gloomy, rainy days. I didn’t want to have a pet. I miss my trusty cat, Marilyn L’Amour but not enough to replace her.

Anyway, it seems like pet sitters are in high demand by people who like to travel but whose pets don’t. And I don’t  necessarily need or even want a year round car. My dream car has always been a Mustang convertible and now I have one for the road trip season only!

So what’s missing in this equation? Sadly, so far… a like minded co pilot who, to wants to totally reconfigure and reimagine his life in ways and places beyond imagining!

I haven’t entirely given up hope but the votive candle in my Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine flickers and sputters sometimes and threatens to go completely o u t but somehow it just keeps on…burning.



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