Insider Guides

Well, as I’m almost at the end of three months here with only one month remaining I’m getting quite familiar with SMA and can offer some insider tips as well but this local collection of recommendations is definitely worth checking out.

Wonder if they list Matilda’s Boutique Hotel bar as THE place to see the Oscars live? Or that fabuloso Pozoleria on the edge of Centro that barely has any signage but is my personal number one spot for an inexpensive lunch?

Walking around SMA in any of it’s fascinating colonia s/neighborhoods is a constant multi sensory delight. Everyday, it’s like a Christmas present waiting for you that you keep tearing off the outer wrapping paper but there’s always something new and interesting to discover underneath. And best of all there’s another layer and another…




Btw, Pollo Feliz is a landmark here whereby you can situate wherever you might happen to be going to in relation to the various Pollo Feliz or Pollo Feliz Express outlets around town. Al lada or circa de Pollo Feliz said to a taxi driver get you where you want to go most of the time!

One day after ushering at the Literary Festival, I decided to stop in for la cena and I would say their bbq chicken and sides are on par with other places like this with one notable exception. No biscuits and gravy here. Even with a single order of chicken you get a whole tortilla warmer filed with tortillas that supplied my dinner needs and quite a few days after!


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