Turismo en México | Atractivos SMA


This site is en espanol but the pictures are very evocative of what San Miquel de Allende looks like at this particular time of year.  It’s sunny, hot and very, very dry and dusty. Great terrain for cacti!

It actually rained briefly last night but this moisture neither helped or harmed the continuing street and sewer mayhem in my colonia. Once again tonight, I had to take pity on the taxi driver and pull out my lampara/flashlight and walk to my corner and down my Calle Privada in the dark with no street lights watching for road perils. Earlier this week as I picked my way gingerly past the backhoes and dump trucks taking care not to trip into a trench with smelly water of an unknown origin I asked one of the workers, ‘quando?’

Dos semana….Well dos semana has been dos semana twice already so it’s fairly safe to bet that next  week I better start lightening up my suitcase and shipping some of my treasures home because my entrance in late December was pretty smooth but my exit late next months may be another story altogether!

If you can’t decipher the meaning through context and pictures you can always plug the text into the very useful Google Translate. It’s a tremendously useful app that miraculously simultaneous translates an unformulated sentence at the exact time you are formulating it. But mercifully it does not attempt to predict what you are trying to communicate unlike that pesky predictive spelling program on my Smartphone.

Buenas noches from the west end Los Balcones, the part that looks like the proverbial road construction’war zone!’


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