Book Art Workshops SOB and NOB

Last Friday, I attended an all too short, all too crowded altered book workshop with local book artist Philip Louis Philips at the Biblioteca. Loved the technique and the simple satisfaction of…omg…desecrating…a book to turn it into something else. He still has a couple of other workshops that I  still can fit in next month before I go home.

I think this has been the winter of the art journal in a number of different directions. I’ve stemmed Rebecca Peterson’s Mythological goddess series, the altered book one last Friday and a drawing bases art journal class conducted by Susan Dorf last Saturday.

I guess I’m a paper junkie at heart when you get right down to it. In my previous life I was infamous for my avalanching piles of papers on what I used to call my desk. Well, those are long gone but yes because it is said that Nature abhors a vacuum some other form of paper mayhem has swooped in to full the copious.

Here’s a picture of my first smashbook. An old friend from maybe two or three…maybe more previous lives ago in a place called Edmonton have me this book called Art, Doodle, Love. I certainly have had fun with out since I arrived in Mexico and it’s not done yet and I’ve even got a special Starbucks cloth carrying bag for out so none of the Mexicana supporters or clips fall out.

Well, Anita, my amiga, this is what it looks like now!



It no longer closes and is now a free standing objet d’ art! But what a fabuloso place for memories, impressions, bits and bytes of life!

Well, today is my volunteer TESL stint at the San Miquel de Allende School of English so I’d better better get busy picking a high interest topic to discuss. Last week, I choose crime and brought in about 25 slips of different crimes to sort into personal, property crime or both and why.

And believe me, everyone had lots to say!

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