In Search of a Muy Grande Jar of Peanut Butter…

Well, tomorrow is the first day of spring and I’m in front of Costco in Queretero hoping to score the biggest jar of peanut butter I can for the lowest price. My landlady had to go to some kind of medical appointment so I got to hitch a ride. Always great to go with a local who has insider information and connections!

I’ve been feeling a bit casita bound so it was high time to ‘get outta Dodge!’

The careterra to Quereterro is excellente and we were there before we knew it. Mrs. Morath suggested a good and muy barato taco place and I was all for it! In fact it was so cheap that I paid for four tacos y una bebida with a 50 peso note and even got change back! I ordered two beef y chorizo mixtape ones and they came stuffed with filling to which you added onions, peppers, nopales y verge y rojo salsa. Muy rico!



Then we went for coffee in the main plaza which is beautifully maintained with trees and fountains. The purple flowering Jacaranda trees are muy bonito! City pride is quite evident even for a first time visitor.

After coffee we parted ways because my landlady had a medical appointment so I had some leisurely time to wander around the Centro area. The stores reminded me of Centro Guadalajara but the sidewalks were wider and in much better repair. The pedestrian streets were very interesting and filed with a wide selection of vendors.

The time, of course flew and soon it was time to hail a yellow taxi to Costco for the 3:30 meetup. I got there early so had a quick peek at the very large, very modern mall. Walmart and Sam’s Club are also in this Centro Commerciale area.
If I didn’t know better I would swear that I had been transported back to the Kelowna, B.C. Costco!


And yes, blog readers, I WAS successful in procuring a large jar of Skippy AND Nutella, enough to last to the end of my stay. I’d been limping along with these teeny but expensive jars from Sorianas y Mega but now I am stocked up!


It’s a happy and yes sunny and warm day, one of about 110 or so since I escaped the rain, snow and general gloom of Nanaimo. Last year I returned on March 12th which is far too early. Didn’t put my Mustang ragtop on the road till mid April anyway and when I took the tarp of the interiour was covered with mold. Este invierno, Mavrik is in a dry, warm garage so will be insurance and road worthy when I return!


5 thoughts on “In Search of a Muy Grande Jar of Peanut Butter…

    1. Gracias for the comment. Yes, different people miss different things when abroad and mostly I m quite happy to do as the Mexicans do…but oh my, those jars of cacahuate crema are so tiny! And cost so much! Check back in April, finale and Easter month as I chronicle and reflect upon my third snowbird winter in Mexico and first in San Miquel de Allende! I m pushing 175 posts right now and my goal is to hit 200 by the time or even AT the Leon Internaitonal Airport. Stay tuned…


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    1. Hello,
      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I am just getting back into this blog after a six month hiatus NOB/north of the border so will be working on editing and adding pictures to previous postings, deleting dated or irrelevant postings and generally polishing up new content now that I am settled into my winter home in San Miquel. I’ll check out the links you have shared. I have been a blogger for about ten years but of course, I have a lot to learn about the WordPress platform which is user friendly but does have some advanced features that I am not that familar with…yet.

      Joanna B

    2. Hola,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. Always happy to hear from a fellow blogger. I will definitely check out your blog and the google feature you mentioned.

      Buenas noches from SMA! Joanna B

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