Selfie Saturday

If you watched the Oscars live you witnessed Ellen DeGeneres Moore our less spontaneously take a epic selfie with an amazing number of A List celebrities and the brother of one in the mix. Apparently those watching the broadcast while Twitter-ING retweeted this picture millions of time briefly causing Twitter to crash.

Seems to me two questions immediately come to mind. First of all aren’t the retweets going to people ALREADY watching the Oscars already? Likely, yes…
Secondly, can’t people unitasking anymore? Do you actually need to ‘join in the discussion’ with strangers via #hashtags? What’s wrong with having an Oscar soiree in your livingroom OR at a fabulous venue like Matilda’s in Centro SMA and using your hands, not to hold your smartphone but a cerveza or Margarita? As for the hashtag discussion does this really enhance the viewing experience?

Well, I’ve tried it with likely THE most lame sitcom in television, #Super Fun Night with #Rebel Wilson. Omg, the show is virtually unwatchable and believe me you are missing nothing by ‘joining in the discussion’ with the brainless fans of this show.

This it’s my second trip WITH smartphone  and I have to admit the travel experience is qualitatively different and not always in a good way. Of course, it’s great to keep in touch with your envious friends and family back at home but and this is a very big BUT it takes you out of ‘the moment.’

There’s a great scene in the recent Walter Mitty movie when Walter tracks down Sean Penn, this renowned  National Geographic photographer who has been tracking the elusive almost mythical albino snow leopard. Sean has got his special camera set up and both men breathlessly await the appearance of the snow leopard.  Finally,finally, one comes into view!  And Walter watches mystified that Sean does not capture this majestic animal on film. He asks Sean why.

‘Sometimes, I just like to stay in the moment…’

And the snow leopard slinks away once more unphotographed except in the hearts and minds of these two men at exactly THAT moment in time.

Do my question today is are THOSE moments in time becoming less and less common because off the artificially created social media ‘need’ to broadcast them to our’followers’be they family and friends or complete strangers?

This week, for example, I got a friend request from a complete stranger. I asked where our paths had crossed to which a grown man, not a kid, told me he liked my picture,a selfie as a matter of fact. And this person was not a teen FB friend collector, I was simply incredulous especially after I attempted to establish some kind of common ground by posting a link to this blog. ‘Too busy’ was his response at which point I disconnected mystified as to the whole point of the virtual interchange.

I’ve long maintained that we Earthlings are very early prototypes for REAL intelligent life elsewhere and that we are basically their comedy channel. As time goes on, I find very little evidence to refute this…sigh.

Okay, enough of philosophical discussions. The Organic Saturday Market awaits at the Institute Allende on Zacateros Street!



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