Movies en Mexico


Thank you Cafe Monet for the lovely fish dinner and movie for only 180. pesos. and this included a glass of wine and coffee and dessert at a brief intermission. The movie which I knew nothing about (sometimes a very good thing!) was called The Best Offer and starred Geofrey Rush in a part that only he could have credibly played. It was touching, suspenseful and ultimately…no spoiler alert here. You’ll just have to see it for yourself!

In quite a departure from this week’s film next week is the classic, Get Shorty with John Travolta and Danny Devito. I’ve seen out but sometimes I like to rewatch favourites with a group. At Cafe Monet you are seated at large tables and everyone talks to everyone. It’s a really great way to spend Monday night even if you are on your own!

Earlier Posting:

Mi gusta pelliculas! I love movies and can watch one or two a day easily and the great thing about Mexico (actually there are so many great things!) is you can go anytime yourself like it for 30 or 35 pesoooos on weekends and you don’t even have to smuggle treats in like ar home! My deluxe tab for the movie, medium drink and medium popcorn (melted butter is not an option here) and arguably THE best chocolate covered raisins, Raisinets came to 145. pesos, about 12 dollars en todo! No Tuesday hordes, any time at all, and the movies are first run with stadium seating and kickass sound! An additional benefit is that you can learn new Spanish words/palabras by reading the subtitles including how to swear…Now, THAT’s useful and has new be included in any Travel Spanish cases I’ve ever taken!


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