Retrieving Posts from Smartphone

One of the great things about having a smartphone this year is that I can post text, pictures and videos on the fly but I m at a cyber cafe in Centro SMA and it seems that some of my smartphone posts are still in the draft form awaiting release. Sometimes, first thing in the morning I like to dispatch some reflections and musings an tonight I see that at least three of my smartphone postings are still trapped in draft form.

My calendar has cleared somewhat for the rest of the month so I ll be spending more time at the cyber cafe down the hill from my place doing some shall we say spring cleaning on any postings trapped in limbo land.

The latest news resulting from this lifestyle blog is an invitation from a site called Retirement Living for a guest posting. This is my second invitation and a welcome surprise considering my modest readership. But it seems like I have been accepted as a citizen of the blogospher and also the coveted SMA civil list! I tried to join this yahoo group earlier in the year but no go. Now, with a few rent receipts under my belt and connections to high profile SMA residents like Joseph Bennett, my Artist Way leader it seems that I have now been accepted into the coveted SMA Civil List! After two and a half months here I am not longer considered just transient riffraff but an actual temporary resident. 

It s all good!

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