Ya Thursday…Already?

Well, I don´t know where the time goes…but it does and once again Thursday rolled around again and it was…gasp…already the FINAL/finito class of Level 2.  Don’t ask me it I’ve processed all the content because I haven’t. The upside is that I can now use the simple past tense during everyday chit chat so I’m not always talking in the present tense because obviously this doesn´t make sense. I don´t work anymore, I worked, taught, lived and so on. Now that I´m happily retired a whole lot of things that used to be of paramount importance are also happily in the rear view mirror and receding quickly! Who knew that 30 years of elementary teaching and 17 years of being a character homeowner/ landlord could just vaporize in a puff of smoke? It’s like I’m thinking and observing someone ELSE’S life, not my own. And when I use the term ‘ previous life’ here I’ve got lots of company and no one immediately thinks that I’m speaking of reincarnation!

Although, come to think of it retirement absolutely IS a form of reincarnation. Maybe, that’s why is is so terrifying to a great number of people. And this is not related to the financial aspect which in their cases are not even a variable.  They just don’t know what they are going to DO with their time is they are not working!

Imagine that!

I can’t and I’ve only been retired for a bit over three years, I don’t have a full pension, it wasn’t even my idea to be a snowbird and omg, I don’t miss in the slightest, teaching or even being around little kids, being a homeowner/landlord and certainly not living in Penticton whose original aboriginal name, Pentikton means, ‘Place to Stay Forever.’ Not. I was there for 17  years until mercifully I sold my money pit house in downtown Penticton and was released to head towards the life that was awaiting me…apparently on both sides of the border!  I rarely even dream about living in my one time ‘dream’ house or even teaching anymore. And it I do, I generally wake up in a cold sweat hyperventalating until the dream fades.

One pleasant exception was last night when I had a wonderful dream that I was being feted by all the PARENTS of the students I had taught over the 30 years in 12 schools in three provinces and California. Imagine that! The kids had all grown up and gone but the parents (and maybe grandparents) had all gathered together to thank me, wish me well and yes, give me a selection of very tasteful gifts! I just woke up in a glow of appreciation! It wasn´t tangible like the usual teacher prezzies but much more powerful… and memorable. I was definitely in ‘my happy place!’

So I guess it´s really true. Teachers DO touch the future because these parents thought enough of me to gather together to tell me all kinds of good news about what their children had done and how I had made some kind of positive impact that made a real difference. Wow!

But I digress, after finishing my last class of Level 2 and realizing that no, I needed more time to process irregular verbes in the past tense, direct and indirect objects I passed on embarking on the next step upward into Storytelling. This is tabled until next winter should I be fortunate enough to return to San Miquel de Allende.

Si dios quieren…if God wants…

In any case, I decided to resume my daily walkabout in the vicinity and low and behold I relocated the great Pozoleria that I had ‘accidentally’ found earlier! This time I sat at a different table that the last time.  On my first visit, I sat at a table where interestingly enough there were English words on it.  Life is all about using ALL the crayons in the box.   Okay…

This time my Oracle Table informed me that ´ The Life I Ordered Was Currently Out of Stock.    Really?

Well, maybe the life I had ordered at 35 or 45 or 55 was not quite the life that was as Oprah likes to say, my ‘best life.’ Now, on the brink of the last full year of my 50s in May when I will be back in Nanaimo, shell and culture shocked to the max. Would ANY of those pivotal decade lives actually served me and if so, for how long? I know that neither of my parents, particularly my mother could ever understand my restless, ramblingrrl nature and I really did valiantly make an all out effort to ‘settle down’ but even now I ask myself do i really have to anyway? I certainly have friends with fancy homes, yards, gardens, properties and who are much more affluent than I will ever be but…  Would I trade lives with any of them…at all?

Apparently not and whenever I’ve tried to be someone’s interpretation of how they think I should be I start looking for the exit door and planning my exit strategy.

In the evening, I joined friends at the CineMex to see ‘The Dallas Buyers’ Club’ which garnered a Best Actor Oscar for Matthew McConnahy and a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Jared Leto. It is based on a true story, but as usual Hollywood has taken some liberties with the facts, nothing but the facts. Certainly, it was a grippping story about how this rodeo bull rider/electrician who got a 30 day terminal life sentence went on to prove everyone wrong AND help himself and other HIV afflcted suffers through persistent and increasingly creative manouvres to obtain helpful but illegal not FDA approved products. Jennifer Garner had a periferal role as a sympathetic doctor involved in test trials. Not her best role to date. Almost any actress of her age could have played this part with no discernible difference in the cast dynamics imho.

And manana?  Well, in between the visit to the Fabric Aurora and the trip to the Cine, I was able to acquire a sought after ticket to the very popular Six Cantinas of Centro Tour!

Does life get any better than this? Sometimes the line between a fabuloso dream AND my fabuloso waking life is blurred indeed!


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