Not all who wander are lost…


Seems apropos on this leisurely domingo in Centro. Earlier I was at the Cafe Con Leche cyber cafe where I had a tasty crustini/panini and of course muy grande cafe Americano before working on my blog for two intensive hours. Was almost up to date to Friday’s Cantina Tour, Saturday’s TESL teaching gig and Meryl Streep’s newest movie at the CineMex when my time ran out.

So I headed into Centro for a walkabouts ostensibly to check into the Biblioteca to register for an altered book workshop.

Cerrado temprano/early…

Somewhere along my travels I acquired a hard copy of Zorro by the Mexican writer,      which seems apropos because I used to love that long ago black and white television series and that impressive Z that Zorro used to swipe with his sword at the beginning of each episode. I didn’t realize that a Mexican woman in this still machismo culture created this super hero way back when!

Well, the Biblioteca was cerrado/closed so I kept walking down Relox Calle to the end turned left, walked a but and spotted some very colorful hippy dippy murals which led me to cross the street and walk past the murals and find the very popular Via Organics Restaurante which is open quite late for a Sunday until nine o’clock.

More mas tarde…



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