Miercoles Musings…

As a warm up act to my ‘Week in the Life of a Snowbird in SMA’ guest posting that Lora Dunn from http://www.professionalhobo.com has invited me to submit I will continue on chronicling my week in more detail then go back over my notes and compose a more succinct version keeping to the guidelines and length requirements. It’s always easier to write more, a bit more difficult to condense one´s thoughts into a shorter format to begin with, imho.

Today, I almost just stayed home because it’s such a trial to both leave my part of Los Balcones AND return but fortunately I decided to venture forth and go to a very interesting talk on ‘The Artistic Journey’ featuring two local artists, one Mexican and one expat, at the Bibioteca theatre. Hosted by another expat artist, Olive who has been spotlighting various artists who get a chance to relate their artistic process in words enroute to what they do in the visual art world. One was a sculptural artist and the other an encaustic painter. Both offered classes in their respective studios. I had met Rae Miller at Joseph Bennett’s Art of Marketing class a few Saturdays ago so paid attention when she told the sizable audience that her studio was in the Fabrica Aurora or is it Aurora Fabrica? No matter, I´ve walked past it a number of times during my daily walkabouts and when I did I always made a mental note to put it on my SMA ‘list’ of prospective field trips or as Julia Cameron of the Artist Way terms them ‘artist dates.’

As a member of a current Artist Way Grupo facillitated by Joseph Bennett in his lovely home on Subida Caracol I am naturally interested in not just the final work of art but what happened (or didn´t happen) on the way to what got displayed or hung on the wall for others to enjoy!

And as the icing to the metaphorical pastel zanahoria/carrot cake, it was 2 for 1 Margarita day at the Santa Ana Cafe right in the middle of the Bibiloteca. You just have to love a library that is licensed for beer, wine and margaritas! And muy bueno margaritas they were indeed served on the rocks in those wonderful handblown margarita glasses that you see in markets and think of buying and wrapping in your clothing in your suitcase but think better of the weight factor and wisely refrain! In any case, after my third winter here, I can spot them at thrift stores and let someone else bring them back NOB and then donate them to the Salvation Army or other thrift store! I currently can easily host a margarta fiesta with proper glassware for a dozen amigos y amigas!


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