Can I (or You) Really Make a Living by Blogging?

This is a very informative and realistic article about the up and downside of blogging in 2014. I started blogging in grad school at the University of Calgary, Alberta in about 2005 when I mostly submitted my assignments in a blog format so I could put in links, pictures and videos.

In fact, only one prof, ironically the #Gifted Education one refused to accept this format. And oh, was it ever a struggle to write in a 2D way after immersing myself in 3D blogging! Out just seemed so flat and lifeless but I did do the assignments the traditional way and I believe that was the only course I got an A- instead of my usual A or A+.

And thus way way, way before #hashtags were used by anyone except the #earlyadopters. And of course this was way before middle age women embraced Facebook with gusto and people even knew what Twitter or a tweet was! I am on Twitter under the moniker @jypsygrrl and I mostly use it as a challenge to say something of interest in 130 characters. 

Apparently, #EllenDegeneres’ celebrity ‘selfie’ during last Sunday’s #oscarbroadcast crashed the Twitter site when it was retweeted millions of times. Which of course begs the question; just what percentage were dueling retweets dispatched to a person #retweeting the same picture back at you!

I used to be on and I believe I still have a cyber trail of grad school blogs still floating around somewhere but more recently my most active two blogs have been on which is very user friendly for non geek types like myself.

And as the years go by the selection of professional templates is impressive! I’m sometimes asked if my template is custom made. I’d like to say yes but actually this very Mexicana inspired template with the vibrant colours is right ‘of the rack


Just love, love, love that Mexicana orange colour that just glows at sunset here!


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