Off To Oscars Soiree at Matilda’s in Centro!;label=New_English_EN_ROW_Hotel-OAIlk_J4_GKPAUB*

Well, I’m all tricked out in my Old Navy LBD/ little black dress, my leopard rebozo I bought on a beach walkabout last winter in Puerta Valletta, a fresh pedicure from The Nail Lounge at the mall, and of course my new kick ass Georgio Armani lentes/glasses! I guess barring a new cut and colour job done by my favorites stylist here, Juan of Coiffeur on Canal Street this is about as good as it gets…

Will report back later!

Well now is later,as it were. Last week,I was asking around as ti where to go to see the Oscars on the big screen and from an insider source I heard the place to be was Matilda’s on Aldama in Centro. They were right and you even had to make a reservation to snag one of the remaining barstools!

Anyway, I got there slightly after 6 to check out the red carpet arrivals. Seems like this lead up gets longer every year with the addition of 360 degree gown and pedi cams to display the designer dresses and jewels. Finally Ellen Degeneres took the stage and started her monologue which in my opinion was kind if hit and miss. I like here as a quirky talk show host, an Oscar host not so much.

Personally, I would have liked to see a comic like Jay Leno host who has a better dry observation style of humor and of course is comfortable talking and joking around with all the stars! David Letterman, who also imho has lost his edginess a long time ago was a disaster as was Seth Who? last year who was just flat out lame. And don’t even get me started on the Anne Hathaway debacle.

Anyway the evening wore on and on and on and on and I contemplated leaving and simply watch the final awards on the small screen in my casita but I’m glad I didn’t. At about 9 o’clock I scoped out a wicker chair in the main open air part of the bar. Much better. Because Matilda’s was projecting the broadcast on the wall in the bar it felt like you were sitting in the audience with the stars. Quite a few televisions wete positioned in different places in the bar but really the wall projection was best!

In terms of awards, they were all over the map with no one film sweeping the Oscars like in previous years. Martin Scorcese and Meryl Streep did not take home a golden boy but in some cases, dark horses or first time nominees did! Some of the acceptance speeches ran overtime and Ruchard Gere, currently going through a divorce was not present to deliver his usual Free Tibet plea along with announcing the nominees. Jack Nicholson in dark glasses in the front row has been m.i.a.for a number of years and quite a number of A list stars were either dateless or brought their moms and siblings. George Clooney, similarly between girlfriends must have been there but was not on the camera man’s go-to star reaction list. Goldie Hawn was a presenter and omg, she’s getting less recognizable with all the fillers and botox treatments. She could also use a new haircut/style or at least an updo to change it up a bit.

A very poignant part of the priceedings came when they did the In Memorium section startung with Gandolfi of Sopranos fame and cinckuding with Phillip Seymour Hoffman. It was a very busy year for the grim reaper and many luminaries of the silver screen died thus year including Annette Funicello. I’ve been tabloid free since I left North Americo so being ‘out of the loop’ I wasn’t aware of a great stars.

In any case the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler sang her song, ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ and was a highlight of the night. Her choice of gown was a bit drab and not her usual style. We all know that shes a woman if ‘a certain age’ but pkease, Bette consider either some colour or a distinctive basic black high style gown. Her murky brown stripe dress was neither. Wonder if Joan Rivers and her Joan Ranger fashion police squad will single her out! And speaking of Joan Rangers, why isnt Kelly Osboure rocking the red carpet with gowns displaying her hard earned weight loss. And really, Kelly, dark roots on your lavender hair on Oscar night? Even Liza Mineli was coiffed perfectly with a blue streak in front.

Speaking of Liza, I think Ellen’s dig about the best ever Liza impersonator being in the audience was just flat out mean. Liza’s reaction to this jab was not positive. Fortunately she and two members of her family got a chance to stand in the spotlight when Whoopi Goldberg fashionably attired for once introduced the 75th anniversary tribute to the Wizard of Oz.

The looong night ended on a surprising note with 12 Years a Slave/12 Anos a Enclavo winning the Best Picture Oscar. First of all, Brad Pitt one of the producers spoke followed by the director who had a rambling, nervous speech. The best part was his jubilant happy dance right in the middle of his crew on stage that wrapped up the Oscars for 2014.

The hotel very considerately called taxis at almost midnight and the credits rolled on the films of 2013…


3 thoughts on “Off To Oscars Soiree at Matilda’s in Centro!

    1. Mil gracias for your very kind words! I’ve really enjoyed being part of your Artist Way Grupo south of the border and si dios quiren/if God wants I’ll be back next winter. But in the meantime, I am totally grateful and appreciative of the wonderful experience of spending four months in this spectacular city and meeting so many fascinating and diverse people; expats, snowbirds and locals alike! Namaste from the Los Balcones colonia!

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