Go Girl Travel Network


Now this is interesting! Thus is an online AND f2f networking organization to support women traveling and making a difference globally. Seems to me that more and more women are embracing solo (but not lonely) travel near and far. I have traveled with a girlfriend or the boyfriend du jour but if no travel companion is at hand I am not adverse to buying a bus, train or plane ticket first and figuring things out later either before I go or just on the fly.

Just a mere whisper of a suggestion has to be planted and away I go! This is how I ended up in Australia and New Zealand, Costa Rica, Belize and now for extended length winter stays in Mexico.

For Australia I got a Christmas card from some friends inviting me for a visit to Brisbane, Queensland.  I spent Christmas with my family, left -30 C. Weather behind in Edmonton and flew to Brisbane where the temperature was in the mid thirties! I left my parka and winter at the airport and flew over the International Date Line into summer and a swim in my friends’ backyard pool! Then, after six months on an Australian rail pass I figured that I should zip over and see New Zealand north to south to south island.

Costa Rica, Belize and Mexico came about because a friend or partner had a travel idea or package in mind or I had a connection, just one mind you, for the preliminary destination. I had an initial contact in both Belize and the Lake Chapala Area.

For San Miquel, however I am a real trailblazer because I did not know a soul when I arrived. I came here on the basis of a ten day fact finding mission over Navidad in 2013 as well as a prospective paid teaching job falling through in Quereterro, about 50 km. From SMA.


So, I’m on Plan B but it’s all good! This city is a friendly place, I was able to find a casita to rent and I knew from my Christmas visit that there were lots of opportunities for volunteering and taking Spanish, and and cooking classes. The first two are currently on my calendar and the plan in April will feature Mexican cooking classes as part of my grande finale exit from my first winter in SMA!



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