25 Secrets From the World’s Most Frugal Frequent Travelers y One from Me!


This covers a great many tips and tricks but one is missing!

When heading south of the border make sure yo unlock your cel phone our smartphone. Untethered from your carrier you are free to take your phone to TelCel or any carrier in any country and simply pop out your existing SIM card, buy a local SIM card which gives you a local number and away you go. Canada is notoriously expensive/muy caro when it comes to cel phone rates but Viva Mexico!

I bought a new SIM card/local number from TelCel and two months of cel service for 200 pesos en todo! At about twelve pesos to the Canadian dollar this is less than twenty dollars.

And with Koodo in Canada you can keep your number by switching to the lowest priced plan while you are gone but I’m not going to bother. I’ll just get a new number when I return, no hay problema!

I had an IPad last winter but thus winter I’m totally grooving on my Galaxy S11. While not the latest and greatest and yes I have Galaxy 5 phone list for sure I’m just loving the versatility and spontaneity of being able to take those on the spot pictures and videos!


I brought my trusty Canon Sureshot but as of yet have not taken it on my daily walkabouts! Imho, taking pics with a phone and having the capability to upload then to Facebook, Twitter, my WordPress blog and emails is so convenient!


Btw, speaking of walkabouts these pictures were taken at a Lookers I discovered one afternoon after my class at Warren Hardy in Centro. Pozole sopa is taken very seriously here and this little hole in the wall restaurante had the best I’ve ever had during my three winters here, hands down! Flavorful, chunky and served piping hot it truly was fantastico.

Now, my dilemma is to find it again so I can pass along the location that is just on the edge of what is considered Centro here in San Miquel de Allende. By the way, this generous meal in a bowl was considered chica/small!  They also sell Pozole by the litre for the carry out crowd!


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