Why I… or Anyone Travels


This came across my Facebook feed this a.m. and I was compelled to post it in my blog. I’ve been wandering the world since I was 16 taking my first flight to Vancouver during the Easter holidays to escape Edmonton’s winter grip.

Oh, to see flowers blooming in March or April if Easter was late! And green grass and cedar and holly hedges! Those were the hippy dippy glory years of Gastown and a wondrous Mecca for this prairiegrrl.

I mostly had to work summers to pay for my university education; no student loans for me but when I started teaching well,  all bets of! When asked about any destination in the world my stock answer was ‘not yet.’ And I can proudly say that I only paid rent over the summer once when I was teaching. To maximize my ramblingrrl money I would put my things in storage and head to the airport on the day after the last day of school returning on Labour Day to scout for yet a new apartment.

And so it went until at 40 I heard the urgent voice of my deceased mother and perhaps my baba/grandmother, too imploring me to’settle down.’ So I bought an old Kitsilanoesque house in downtown Penticton on a double corner lot (maximum land, baba!) with nary a home inspection or any other research on what home ownership would actually entail besides making mortgage payments year round, a shocking new development for this ramblingrrl! To see my former house simply googlemap 401 Braid in Penticton, go to streetview and virtually’walk’ astound my old’hood.

Yes a house oh so easy to buy with the then 5 % down payment but 17 years later oh so problematic to sell I found out…but a deal was struck after twice being put in the market and the second time having 24, (a local real estate record for a the month listing!) showings with six offers the first five of which fell through. But that’s a whole different story best accompanied by beer to cry into…

But I digress…as I am wont to do.

TO be continued…Duty calls in the way of homework for this mornings Level 2 Warren Hardy Spanish class!



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