These 5 Countries Provide The Best Health Care In The World

And yes, Mexico IS on the list and is ranked number five. I’m sure this is a factor in many people coming from other countries ranked lower moving here. I’ve only had one doctor’s visit in the three winters I’ve been here but it cost 200. pesos, I walked right into De.Rodriquez’s office in Ajijic without an appointment and was efficiently diagnosed.  A half hour later I left with a prescription for the same type of antibiotic I get in Canada for about half the price!

Other expat friends living in the Lakeside area who perhaps need to see specialists also find the full range just an hour away in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city. It should be noted that many Mexican doctors are trained stateside.  The Mexican government takes health care seriously for both it’s citizens and expats who have a tremendous economic impact.

With the aging demographic of boomer expats, this may be one factor contributing to the changes of qualifying income for new jubiladas/jubilados. Last year, when the FM3 visas were discontinued there was a lot of anxiety within the existing expat community regarding the changes. This was lessened considerably when they found out that they would be ‘grandfathered’ in and would mot have to requalify.

What would effect them was that they could not keep foreign licence plates on their vehicles if they had one. If they wanted to keep them the vehicles would have to be nationalized and Mexican plated. For some this looms as a bureaucratic nightmare and they are prepared to transition into public transformation.

Fortunately in a place like Lakeside or even here in San Miquel de Allende this is quite feasible much to the amazement of Norte Americanos who consider their cars their legs. Here, public transport is cheap and frequent all over the city.  And between 35 and 60 pesos/five dollars taxi fare gets you absolutely everywhere you want to go around the clock!


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