Living the Dream for Less!

Anyone who’s know me for a long time know that I an rarely content with the status quo…for long. Probably responsible for my two dozen moves in three provinces and southern California. Seems like I’m either packing, unpacking or both!

Three years ago, I took the Freedom 55 off ramp to the big R knowing full well that I would not have a full pension, only a 20 year one cuz I put my Alberta’s teachers pension into what was my Kisilanoesque character dream house. I soon found out that even my maxed out salary was not enough, never enough.

But, I jumped off the deep end into RenoWorld which did hold my attention for about the first five years when it dawned on me that I was now part of house poor single women sisterhood everywhere. But, I soldiered on and renewed my mortgage three times using some equity for grad school at the University of Calgary, a summer in Cuba at Documentary Film school and right at the end of my stay a 2002 silver bullet Mustang convertible! The Honda dealer had Mavrik on the boulevard at the end of the driving season on October on a rainy, gloomy day. I spotted it enroute to Rona, ditching the painting project and went for a test drive!

To cut to the chase, now that I’ve embraced the snowbird lifestyle (different than when I went on vacation for one or two weeks) I have and am continuing to reconfigure my retirement life in a whole lot of different and evolving directions. And to think, three years ago, it wasn’t even my idea to come to Mexico for the winter! It was the exes idea and when we split up I still didn’t see the point of staying in Penticton in the winter. In the twenty years I lived there I had lots and lots of company but only once in the winter.

After my first four month stay in Ajijic at the wonderful Ajijic Suites on Calle Hidalgo I knew I was going to return only to sell my house at a price I could live with, take the money and run…to my newly adopted city of Nanaimo!

I arrived on a rainy night onCanada Day in 2012 regrettably to a subterranean suite with a view of the grass even though you walked in off the driveway. It basically served only as a 25 day garage storage place until my next place which was overpriced and in the southern suburbs. A place with no soul but double car garages galore stuffed to the rafters with stuff and whereby all the vehicles need to be parked either in the driveway our on the street.

Unfortunately thus was strike two in my quest to find a home,a real home that I would want to come home to.

I live in hope!


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