In Search of the Ultimate Tortilla Soup Recipe

There are so many wonderful and inexpensive restaurants in Mexico that out is difficult to resist going out for ant meal of the day a lot more often than you probably would at home. And the great thing is that the portions are actually people sized unlike North America where everything is supervised and there is a tremendous amount of waste in the average restaurant. Here, the ingredients are heroically fresh from the markets, locally made on site not sourced from Costco and served proudly by serving staff who look like they enjoy their jobs and are not just marking time until something better comes along.

For different kinds of restaurants I have a sort of’acid test’ for determining whether a place is worth a repeat visit. For Thai restaurants out is Pad Thai and for Mexican if el menu exists and has a selection of sopas exist it is tortilla soup!

Today before I dah of to the San Miquel Ninth Annual Literary conference I wanted to post a very interesting recipe for the ubiquitous tortilla soup that personally I prefer more chunky. As a traditional peasant soup I think it should have more substance and not be thin and more like consume with strips of tortillas floating around although I have been served this version much to my disappointment in a few fine dining establishments.

Like many things in life sometimes less is more. But for now, this very minute the trash/basura truck is coming some and I must shuttle my bags down a very long, long driveway to the very high iron gate and put it outside.

As you can see, even the basura bolsas/bags in Mexico are in colour!




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