Rebecca Peterson: article about San Miguel de Allende in Continental magazine

For three months now, I’ve been attending these wonderful art journaling workshops in the studio of local artist/art therapist, Rebecca Peterson. Located in the Los Adobes colonia behind the LiverpoolSoriana’s mall it’s always a great adventure to get there by taxi and more so because of the road construction.

The studio itself has no sign but every session has been informative and fun! Based on the teachings of Carl Jung and his Red Book we’ve been exploring the mythological stories of Hesperia, Aphrodite and yesterday it was Artemis.

Between  the last session  and this one, I’ve discovered that my innate style of art journaling is something called smashbooking. This style is non linear, you can work in it from any point forwards and backwards and it’s something that is very nature is conveniently portable for traveling or in my case temporary residency.

Next is Demeter and Persephone

I’ll add to this a bit later as I’m out the casita door to another workshop on the Art of Marketing by Joseph Bennett at his studio on Subida Al Caracol, 11.


This is Rebecca’s adobe studio.


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