Cloth Paper Scissors Mixed-Media Skull Challenge – Reader Challenge – Blogs – Cloth Paper Scissors∣=402708&rid=600940

This just arrived in my in box. It is a Dias de Los Muertes skull challenge issued by Cloth,Paper, Scissors magazine!


4 thoughts on “Cloth Paper Scissors Mixed-Media Skull Challenge – Reader Challenge – Blogs – Cloth Paper Scissors

    1. Do you remember Anne McKenzie Kivari? She was a Naramata mom back ‘in the day’ and is one of my blog readers. She has lived in Nanaimo for seven years and works at Vancouver Island University. She’s also looking forward to the retirement/snowbird life. I highly recommend it and here in San Miquel de Allende it’s not just retirees that are expats. You would be amazed at home many people move their whole young families to a foreign country to give their children new bilingual and bicultural opportunities.

      Well, keep on keeping on with those report cards and know that spring break is coming very, very soon, mi amiga! Abrazos to la Carriere familia en todo! Joanne

    1. Gracias for the comment. Do check on the follow link so that you are notified of new postings. My Spanish class is finishing in a week so March is my month to really concentrate on my blog and upload the pictures and videos etc. Not only that, today I picked up my new made in Mexico reading glasses and tomorrow I pick up my new Georgio Armani distance and driving glasses so I can see clearly near and far! Growing old is not for the faint of heart but I wouldn’t trade places with you with grade ones and report cards for triple/quadruple my pension! Seems like when I leave something behind even IF is was a huge part of my life like my primary teaching career or my once-upon-a-time dream Kitsilanoesque dream house it recedes very quickly (faster than I expected!) into the rear view mirror! Imagine that! I even forgot that spring break is coming for you and other B.C. teachers.

      Have a fantastico one with su familia! Off to the ski slopes this year?


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