Are All Tortilla Alike?

Before you even check out this great link you already know the answer. As in no.

Her in Mexico, there are a truly amazing variety of tortillas and us in some places they are still handmade without a machine with out without a tortilla press.

I remember my first visit to the neighborhood tortilleria. The machine made tortillas were sold by the kilo. I innocently ordered a half kilo and was astounded at the stack that was wrapped up for me! I think I got about 60 still warm tortillas for about 50 cents/6 pesos. Naturally, I immediately unwrapped the top of the package and are a few au natural. My rico.

Because the flour has no preservatives to prolong the shelf life and it’s kind of downhill from there. You let well have to keep rewarming them to regain their initial pliability. And as a single person anyway, a half kilo is to many anyway.

Personally, I prefer corn tortillas but they at less readily available and go stale faster. But flour tortillas are available in different sizes from any tiendita/ neighborhood store and a ubiquitous here. Instead of bread baskets on tables there are either round tortilla warmers or warm tortillas in a woven fabric napkin in a basket.

One of my favorite frugal living sites, lists ten uses, singe of which you may already be using and some that you will want to add to your repertoire as you toss this week’s supply into your shopping cart or bolsa/bag.

And don’t even get me started on savory flavored tortillas… They take tortilla love to a while other dimension!


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