Volunteer San Miguel presents… The Volunteer Fair at La Biblioteca | San Miguel de Allende | Atención San Miguel


Wherever I travel one of the ways that I find great to meet people both travelers and locals is through exploring volunteer opportunities. All three winters I have volunteered my time and background experience in many different ways ranging from film festivals to charity art and chilli cook off events in Ajijic to teaching English this year and ushering at the Ninth Annual SMA Literary Festival that ran from last Wednesday night up to Monday.

This week s bilingual newspaper, La Attencion is showcasing all sorts of volunteer opportunities for both expats and snowbirds at a Volunteer Fair at the Biblioteca for the next two days. After my morning Level 2 Warren Hardy morning class I plan on checking it out. And speaking of which my teacher for this session is Warren Hardy himself in conjunction with a couple of native speakers.

This was bit of a surprise on Tuesday to be sure. Many gringos y gringas because of his program have been able to both learn and enjoy speaking Spanish! After a few light weight forays through many so called ‘travel Spanish´I have found the Warren Hardy program both effective and immediately useful!


I absolutely endorse and recommend his program especially for late blooming Spanish learners like myself. I took Level One the last two winters in Ajijic and this year I m breaking out of the present tense and learning the past simple tense which involves a whole lot of conjugations with different verb endings.  Thus far, with the present tense I have used the infinitives of about one hundred verbs.  Want to, Need to, Can, Have to are very high frequency verbos and it s truly incredible how far you can get with a hundred verbos and about another hundred nouns!

I now order from a menu en espanol in confidence and usually am not surprised!


And now I will even be able to communicate using the past simple tense! This will really enhance my taxi driver chit chat to and from my casita for sure!


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