San Miguel Writers’ Conference and Literary Festival 2014 | San Miguel de Allende | Atención San Miguel

This fabuloso conference ran from last Wednesday to Monday and was held at the Hotel Real de Minas which has beautiful grounds. Interestingly enough, even though at various times up to 900+ people were in attendance,  other than for the included breakfast and lunches the restaurants were surprisingly empty. I guess there are so many fantistico restaurants easily within walking distance that expensive hotel fare is not that appealing. I did have a bowl of lentil soup day in a virtually empty restaurant and I was not that impressed. The adjective ‘adequate’ comes to mind. I was recovering from a nasty five day bout of la tourista tummy so adequate fit the bit nicely that day.

The comfortable lobby bar area was much more populated and lively with festival attendees swilling 60 peso/ 5 dollar margaritas. Btw, this is above the average price and many places including the wildly popular Hank’s New Orleans Oyster Bar on Hidalgo Calle just down the street from Starbucks has two for one happy hours. And they make a very fine margarita on the rocks.

And yes, Mexicans do love their Starbucks! In Mexico City, I’m still amazed just how many Starbucks  there are in the Centro area. I may be exaggerating but not by much when I say there is a Starbucks on every third corner and right inside the Sheraton Hotel I was staying on the Charter Club Christmas bus tour. And no, they are not just filled with gringos. There is a significant middle class of Mexicanos here and visiting from Mexico City who love their overpriced lattes. The SMA is located in the Plaza Principale area inside a beautifully restored colonial villa. There is inside and outside in the courtyard seating.  And a clean, usually usable baño which is always a consideration. Another depandable baño in Centro can be found in the middle of the Bibiloteca.


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