Movie Pocket Theatre in Centro!

As a longtime cinemaphile, checking this place out in Centro has been on my list  for a while and with two Oscar nominated films on their repertory list in the next couple of days I believe it’s going to happen. The admission price includes a drink and popcorn. I hope there’s the traditional butter available for the popcorn, something not found in Mexico. Hot sauce yes, popcorn ‘topping’ no. On the upside sometimes warm caramel popcorn is available!

Thursday  #12 Years a Slave
Friday  #AmericanHustle

Always love to see all the nominated films that have the most nominations. Have already seen’The Wolf of Wall Street’ twice cuz I love films by #Scorsese, ‘Monument Men’ and the wonderful but tragic ‘The Book Thief.’ I saw these all in English with Spanish subtitles which is very useful learning how to swear en espanol! Caraja! Maldita! Demonios! Mierda!


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