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You know what they say about real estate? Location,location, location?

Well, in the increasingly more populated and high density blogosphere it’s ALL about connection, connection,connection! Not only do bloggers want to build, maintain and increase their followers but they want to connect and interact with other bloggers that share their specific interests.

This was made crystal clear at a comprehensive social media marketing workshop I attended on Monday at Hotel Real de Minas that was an offering of the #9thAnnualSanMiquelWritersConference. The presenter, Penny S  of ABE Book Marketing of San Diego, California was a high energy and knowledgeable presenter who packed a lot into the two part morning and afternoon sessions right to six o’clock.

It was fascinating to finally be brought up to speed at last in the almost overwhelming realm of social media. The last computer class I took was five years ago, my last grad school class in educational technology was about eight years ago when basically Facebook and Twitter were part of only early adopter’s lives.  At that time I did have a sporadically used Facebook account and did not understand the massive appeal of the Twittersphere.  Now I do have a Twitter account under @jypsygrrl where I take it as a challenge to actually say something interesting in only 130 characters.  I can easily write longer passages but short]? That s another matter entirely!      


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