Yes it is….Toller Cranston!


This may not be a big deal for other snowbirds but having a celebrity siting makes my day! So my day was made quite early at the 5 star Rosewood Hotel on Sunday for a charity art auction benefiting a local Art Foundation. And I yet had to savour my second Margarita.

The place was packed and a hundred pieces were being auctioned off including three pieces by Cranston who has a very distinctive style. Surprisingly enough, one of his paintings enrolled Scrambled Eggs did not fetch the opening bid of 2K and was passed by. And this particular painting was featured in the posters all over the city. Difficult to believe really…


2 thoughts on “Yes it is….Toller Cranston!

  1. Hola Jane, Yes, I’m always fighting this dumb feature especially when I’m using Spanish words…omg. I unlocked my phone to swap my Nanaimo number for a San Miquel de Allende number and really like my smartphone for uploading on the fly but then have to proofread it later on a larger screen in my casita or at the neighbourhood cyber cafe down the hill. Hope all is well in your world and your torch is continuing to create those magical glass beads! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the smartphone stylus holder necklaces I made with some of them.

    Take care, mi amiga. I’ll see you in May!

    p.s. And muchas gracias for reading my blog!

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