What’s With New Blogging Platforms Like Medium? Should I Use One?


When I started blogging about ten years ago when I was at grad school at the University of Calgary I was only aware of blogger and I guess my grad school blogs on Organizational Change and the Evils of Groupthink et al. are still out there in cyberspace even though like George Clooney in the movie, ‘Gravity’ they’ve now broken records for cyberspace walking!

Really must look them up and restate my claim to them as intellectual property. One for sure was a searing indictment of a toxic work environment at one school I taught at when the weakest, most ineffective principal in the entire school district allowed the ‘old guard’to take over how the school ran to keep it frozen in time.

Well that was them, this is now and after three blisssful years of retirement all that trauma has mercifully faded into obscurity and the mists of time. I only thought about this when I read about other blogging platforms and how I switched from blogger to wordpress because of the versatility and capability of customization.

But, according to this article there are alternatives now.


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