A Global Valentine’s Gift!


Yes, its the hearts and flowers time of year once more and tomorrow I’m going to a fantastico Art Journaling workshop led by a local artist, Rebecca Patterson of San Miquel de Allende in her very unique adobe style studio in the Los Adonis area of San Miquel de Allende. The theme is very appropriately enough…Aphrodite!

But today,I better scurry down the massively dug up and chaotic not to nitroglycerin steep Homobono Calle to the Biblioteca to see if I can score a boleta/ticket for tomorrow nights Cantina Crawl. Just what’s behind those mysterious swinging doors that used to be the caballeros domain anyway?

This intrepid blogger will leave no cerveza o Margarita unswilled to give you a full sip by sip annotated report!

But Oeuvres. The link is to a fabuloso website called http://www.trustedhousesitters.com and I simply must put together a kickass profile by mid month. I’ve drafted it a few times mentally so now its high time to put my credit card where my mouth is and announce my availability as of say mid May to mid July when I head to San Jose for the BlogHer conference in San Jose and mid August to the end of October when I store my Mustang again. My life seems to be in a state of 52 Pick up sometimes butts that okay.

Keeps my friends and family guessing!


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