Everything Everywhere with Top Travel Blogger Gary Arndt | Pretraveller


Hmmm, another professional nomad’s blog jam packed full of useful information and insider tips. That’s the m.o. for this snowbird blog on a fairly neophyte but learning quickly level. And to think that just last year I didn’t know what an app even was or the vital necessity for putting important data’in the cloud.’

Learned that particularly painful lesson a year ago today when this hoodlum came into Tom’s Bar on Constitucion Calle not far from mi apermanante, wrenched my beloved white IPad right out of my hands and sprinted down the cobblestone street in Ajijic to a waiting getaway car much to my disbelief and horror. I had registering in I Cloud in my to do list but had not done this yet. Hence, none of my pictures our videos were in the cloud so only the data I posted to Facebook or sent in attachments exists.

I also found out when I called Apple that they actually could have rendered my IPad a useless paperweight remotely had I been registered.

But I digress. Check out this interview of yet another full time traveler. Not that I aspire to to one in my late fifties, but the concept of financially sustainable travel and pension supplementation does interest me, for sure!


2 thoughts on “Everything Everywhere with Top Travel Blogger Gary Arndt | Pretraveller

  1. Jane, thanks for featuring my interview with Gary Arndt. I had a great opportunity to connect with Gary via a Twitter conversation which opened the door for me to interview him.

    As someone who has been a travel blogger for over two years now I can offer encouragement to keep at it, the early days are full of a steep learning curve to learn how all this blogging stuff works, and also to establish your posting routine and developing your personal style.

    if you keep at it and make an effort to get to know the travel blogging community you will be amazed how your blog can grow quickly! I am still way off some of Gary’s numbers (over 125,000 follower on Twitter! vs my 2,500…) but my numbers have grown steadily and you just need to persevere and they gradually increase and they grow faster and faster every day!

    1. Buenas noches from San Miquel de Allende,

      Gracias for taking the time to send me this very encouraging message and feedback on my fledgling blog. I am very gratified when I check my statistics and find those bar graphs going up. And yes, I just had to showcase the interview with Gary Arndt. I find it fascinating when someone or something just strikes the right chord at the right time. Don’t they call this zeitgeist? In any case, I’m having a wonderful time here in Mexico for my third winter and just got home from ushering for the Ninth SMA Literary Conference which just had a stellar line up of keynote speakers! Two of my favourites were Canada’s own Yann Martel of Life of Pi fame and Laura Equival, author of Like Water for Chocolate. Tomorrow, I’m attending al all day workshop on marketing using social media which should be both informative and fascinating. Penny Sanseveiri, founder of Author Marketing Experts Inc will be the presenter.

      Keep up the good work on your blog and I’ll do the same! I’m hoping to do a coastal road trip from Port Angeles to San Jose California at the end of May for the tenth annual Blogher Blogging Conference.

      Sending you sunny and warm wishes from San Miquel de Allende!

      Joanne Babiak

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