Journeywoman – Delhi Belly and Me: A Guide to Travellers Diarrhea

Yeah, had to happen sooner our later. Had to lie low today till all the intestinal gurgling ran it’s course. Which it did eventually. Hence did not attend a Candlearia tamale fiesta given by the person who got the baby Jesus in their Rosca Del Reyes sweet fruit bread.

Well, all things will pass and I will get back into my prune and drinkable yogurt regime and all will be well. I suspect a buffet restaurant in Centro but I’m not positive. Will pick up the famous pink bottle to calm everything down enroute to Juan’s Cafe to pick up this week’s Attencion.


This is my garden casita that is directly adjacent to another suite currently for rent for 500. USD per month including utilities and once weekly maid service. My place it’s only 500 square feet and cheaper at 350. USD per month.

Because of all the tile and concrete the casita was a bit chilly in January and I had to use this propane heater which I found quite scary but now it’s warmer and I don’t have to wear a torque to bed. Somehow, when my head is warm I’m warm.


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