26 Million Views for Posting!

Wowza!  I just logged in and saw a blog that had a readership of 26 million people!  That´s the population of District Federales or Ciudad Mexico.  So here is the link. I´m gonna read it myself and see what the fuss is all about. And to think I was thrilled to have an average of about 40 people read my musings and meanderings on a mas o menos daily basis. 


On the upside, I´ve been invited to do a Week in the Life guest posting for http://www.professonalhobo.com  And this is a very big deal for this neophyte blogger. Obviously, I have a whole lot to learn in terms of bringing my snowbird blog to the target market of neer do well (whre did that phrase come from?) midlifers either on the brink of reconfiguring their life or like myself basically thrashing around trying not to make too many expensive mistakes. 

And yes, I´ve made a few in my cross Georgia Strait move. The upside is that I have downsized three times and can still do some more pillaging and purging enroute to wherever this jypsygrrl is gonna land next. Surprisingly enought, I am not concerned about being a homeless tourista with no fixed address. I´ll just have to scrounge one up upon my return cuz the Motor Vehicles Licensing office takes a dim view of homelessness when issuing a five year drivers license. And anyway, right now I am technically not homeless; I´m a temporary winter resident of San Miquel de Allende living quite happily in a 500 square foot casita in the Los Balcones colonia. 

It´s just fine for this year. I think in subsequent years I would prefer something in Centro not merely iwithin killer hill walking distance to Centro. What I´ve save in rent I´ve more than made up for with nighttime taxi rides back to the casita. But, it´s safe, comfortable and clean and the landlady is friendly so all is well in my world on this first day of febrero, 2014.

Manana es Candlearia SOB or Ground Hog Day NOB. Time to watch that classic film, Groudnhog Day with Bill Murray. There´s one classic scene that I must go through  my FB postings and post tomorrow in honor of the mid winter celebration on either side of the border°


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