Movie Pocket Repertory Cinemas in Centro
Oh my, I’ve been here a month and have not been to this Centro cinemaphile paradiso! Must rectify this for the next three months, for sure since I have to take a taxi back to my casita up in the hills anyway!

This charming repertory theatre gives you the old time big screen/small ticket experience and here the ticket even inclues a drink and popcorn!

This just in!  Another cinema has come to my attention. Once again a fabuloso repertory cinematic experience where the admission includes palomita y una bebida. It s called Cinema Splendor so I know where I ll be most nights now instead of watching Access Hollywood. Totally weary of the over the top news coverage of that pop brat, Justin Bieber. The issue of deportation has come up and I don t know about you but Canada should close it s borders on this self indulgent punk (and the teenage parents who had him) who has far too much money.

Apparently his not even 40 year old mom supplied him with prescription pharmaceuticals and his not even 40 year old dad was in on the high speed Lambourgini chicken racing. Like c mon, this isn t Meridian Avenue on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan where you can befuddle both sets of RCMP officers with double province jurisdiction. You are willfulfully and consciously breaking the law and putting people s lives at risk in a foreigh country where you have an alien visa status.

  And for what?  Bit of a hissy fit over not being nominated for anything at all at the Grammys and having plummeting recording sales as his well over 15 minutes of fame fades and he approaches the age of majority in ALL provinces and states?

Enough already and enough said…


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