Watch “Ejército Mexicano sobrevolando San Miguel de Allende.” on YouTube

Last week Centro was chock o block packed and because I’m so short I couldn’t get any  good pictures or videos but lo and behold this came through my Facebook feed in a very timely manner as I wrap up my reflectiions on being a first winter snowbird her in San Miquel! I already know I’ll be returning, si dios quieren/ if God wants.  But one idea that came to me this week was to spend December in another Spanish speaking country like Ecuador or Panama for example. I’ll have to check the flight pattern viability of this of course before I make any arrangements but after just a preliminary surface reseach sweep of the top sites in Quito it appears that there are a number of inexpensive options including homestays via 

For new readers of this blog, I was once a top rated hostess on this now worldwide site when i owned my downtown character house in Penticton, British Comumbia and also a two occasion hostess for  I have been an airbnb guest but not thus far a couch surfer. In any case, I only host travelers more or less my own age as I have no interest in feeding , housing and being anybody’s den ‘mother.’


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