Suspended Cloud Paintings by Joris Kuipers |

You simply must see this to believe it! And btw, what a way cool website! It’s avant garde visual art at it’s most outrageous! I want this fabuloso look in the studio that I don’t have…yet!

And btw, if there are any Nanaimoites reading this blog and I hope there are, I just want to state my intention to find a co rent situation to  continue my snowbird lifestyle as long as I possibly can. My concept of this is either I find a like minded housemate who co rents a larger place whereby we both pay half the rent when we are both there BUT and this is the kicker, when one persn wants to travel they only pay 250. a month and the remaining tenant pays 250. more to have the full run of the house and all the rooms.

Naturally, this works both ways.  Hence, the price point I m considering is up to 1000. a month split two ways for 500. per and when one goes away they pay 250. to basically store their stuff and the other person pays 750. for the time they are gone but have full use of the premises for incoming guests or whathave you.  I´ve got a garage rented for my Mustang so covered parking is not an issue. My most fervent wish/hope is that the premises would be somewhere with an ocean view OR in Centro, excuse me, the downtown or Old City Quarter. I ve downsized three times in the last year a half and still do not have sustainable housing that I want to come home to…yet.

Alternately, I would be seeking a landlord who would be open to have a part time tenant for six months a year and for the other six months my rent would go down to 200. per month, again for the privilege of storage when I´m SOB, south of the border. In a situation like this I would be willing to pay up to 750. all inclusive of utilities, cable and wifi and covered parking would be a bonus but not mandatory.

Well, it´s a brand new year and this is the month to put out my vision and intentions for the new year, come what may. Just as a final thought, let it be known that I AM also available for housesitting ANYWHERE I can drive easily to on Vancouver Island, the mainland, Washington State, Oregon or Northern California from the beginning of May until July 3rd when I tentatively plan to do the ultimate road trip down the coast and Highway 101 starting with a celebration of the Fourth of July in Friday Harbour. . A couple of years ago, I did the seasonal ferry through the San Juan Islands and made a brief stop at Friday Harbour and now this place seems to be calling me!  i just love the name of this island as well!

Currently, I´m at a charming cyber cafe on Homobono Calle, Numero 24, which will be my secondary home in SMA when I want to do some serious blog posting. It´s called Cafe con Leche.  The hours are 11 to 3 p.m. and 430 to 9 p.m. Lunes/Monday through Viernes/Friday and 1 p.m. til 5 p.m. on Sabado y Domingo. Great hours for a neighbourhood cyber cafe with very good java! And yeah, I know I´ve got a kickass Galaxy smartphone and a new Chromebook with a real keyboard but call me an old/new escuela hybrid. I like typing opps keybording on a full size keyboard and using a mouse as opposed to a touch pad which works for most things and is responsive on the Chromebook. It´s just a hassle for multiple cut and paste links and the like. The pictures and a few videos I have taken so far ar on my smartphone and can be uploaded on the fly.

And so it is on this sunny, warm day in Centro San Miquel de Allende!


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