State of the Blog Address, 2014 – Hectic Travels

Facinating blogging post from Canadian couple who are full time travelers! I’ve sent them a couple of questions via email and I’ll be ordering their PDF book on housesitting soon!

And IF anyone reading this blog needs a housesitter anytime from June to November 30th at a location I can drive to in my Mustang convertible named Mavrik please contact me. Mid July I’m heading down to San Jose,CA for the tenth annual BlogHer conference but I’m open to housesitting gigs on Vancouver Island, B.C., Washington State, Oregon and Northern California this year. Come the winter,I would really love to return to San Miquel de Allende so am open
to a gig of at least two month and a maximum of six months mas o menos!

There! I’ve declared my intent to have no fixed address for 2014! No wonder some, well most of my family, friends and definitely my retired teacher friends just don’t understand why or how I’ve gone rogue after 17 year’s of being settled down trying to be Martha Stuart (without her money or staff mind you!) in a 95  year old character house. Turkey Hill (Stewart’s first fix and flip house) it most decidedly was not!

I keep getting 401 Braid house reports from my friends in Penticton. Apparently, the new owners have knocked down the teardown garage (wouldn’t take much!) and are continuously engaged in major renos and landscaping. Well all I can say is good for them. And better them than me.

I invested blood, sweat,a whole lot of money and a whole lot of tears in that house. And I certainly did a joyful happy dance with a bottle of pyramid aged Summerhill pink champagne in my hands when Mike Wood of Fair Realty put up the SOLD sign!


Mil gracias, Mike from the bottom of my snowbird heart! You never once lost the faith after 23 viewings and 6 offers, five of which fell through for a number of reasons. Mr. Wood was up to the challenge and I gifted him with a St.Joseph, patron saint of real estate plaque upon the close of my sale.I also write him a lengthy testimonial steadying to his professional tenacity to sell my house thereby releasing me to my new life in Nanaimo AND south of the border in sunny Mexico in the winter!


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