Reasons to Celebrate – Their Travel to Jasper! – Hecktic Travels

Wowza! Besides the Professional Hobo here’s other people and fellow bloggers who have taken traveling to a whole new level. They are modern day nomads with no fixed address.

I thought I might experience this for this year since I don’t return until May and I want to try house sitting aa lifestyle but eventually I know I’m gonna want a home base.

For one thing I’m still interested in buying things for my eventual place but the items are much smaller than my first year in Mexico when I owned a house and my second year when I was returning to a Mexicana decorated suite in the ticky, tacky beige suburbs of Nanaimo.

Do you know that old song called ‘Little Houses?’ It was used a the theme song for the series, ‘ Weeds’ initially in it’s original form for the first season and then covered by other performers on subsequent seasons. Anyway, one of the chorus lines is that the ‘little houses, little houses, and they’re all made out of of ticky tacky. Little, houses and they all look just the same…’

Fast forward to the 21 rst century and w find houses twice or three times the sizes of the house w grew up in and yet all the vehicles are parked in the driveway because the double car garage has actually never housed a car or truck because it is filled with stuff piled to the rafters. It’s the epitome of modern day hoarding, imho.

Last year, my ragtop was stored under a tap on said driveway which is really a bad idea in a coastal city with a lot of rain. When I took off the tarp mid April to insure it the interiour was full of mold! Hence,I am grateful that Mavrik has a dry
garage to stay in this winter.Also, since I’m not returning there, it’s really true. I do have NO fixed address and surprisingly enough it just didn’t bother me…for now!

Anyway, this year I do have a lovely, comfortable room for rent situation in the Hammond Bay area in a house owned by fellow travelers to come back to and this is where Mavrik, the Mustang is currently garaged for the winter. Mil gracias, Neil and Kristine. you are simply the best!

A shout out also to my favorite poodle, LBD or Little Black Dog who made her literary debut as a diamond smuggler in my NaNoWriMo novel last November! Rock on, Suki!



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