A perfect day | San Miguel de Allende | Atención San Miguel


I just live, live, love markets and SMA has such splendid ones! I never miss the Tuesday Tianguis for sure and there are a number of Mexicana markets where the locals shop. I was one earlier today and enjoyed a grande plate of chile rellanos, a personal favorite! It came with rice and beans, of course and was served with a smile but one of the cooks. All told mi comida was priced at a mere 50 pesos including a drink. That’s less than 5 bucks and out was such a substantial late lunch I basically called it dinner or linner. Btw, the  prices on roses are impressive. Try 60 pesos/5 bucks for a dozen on for size. What a cheery and cheap pick me up!

I just love markets of all descriptions and now that I’ve got my numbers down I can bargain with the vendors shaving off 5 or 10 or 25 pesos here and there. More dinero for Margaritas y cervezas!


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