Travel Startup Founder Series: Andy Peck Founder

Very interesting article about how trusted hoosiers got established and yes I’m proud to say that they are Canadian.

On the other hand, I think Justin Bieber should renounce his citizenship on the grounds of being an international embarrassment. OMG, today Access Hollywood was preempted temporarily to bring breaking news about his arrest and need helicopters were hovering over the predict awaiting his release presumably after he our his preps posted bail. Like hello, aren’t his 15 mines of fame long over?

The only thingI’m even vaguely interested in is exactly how LONG is he going to be the Flavor of the Month?  And anyway, what’s the male term for pop tart a la Brittney Spears who is aging very badly like Madonna who is now a caricature of herself.

On the flip side JR, or Justin Timberlake, another fellow Mouseketeer is a total class act in appearance, word, song, film and business ventures. This week on Access Hollywood when George Clooney was being interviewed George was challenged ti si a blind testing of his signature tequila. He was successful after a few suits. The other tequila? Justin Timberlake’s, of course. Why am I not surprised?

I now return you to your regular offline programming conveniently called LIFE. So get out there and experience it, don’t just read about it! And that’s the way it is on Thursday, January 23rd in this brand spanking new year!


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