Creating Community and Getting Inspired with Blog Hops and Events

What is a blog hop? Keep reading and find out!

Post : Creating Community and Getting Inspired with Blog Hops and Events

As Donkey sings in Shrek 2: One…is the loneliest number that you ever saw…. Writing a blog need not be a lonely or isolating experience. Doing a blog hop, participating in a blogging event or creating and running an event or a challenge (like the photo ( ) and writing ( ) challenges we run here at The Daily Post), are great ways to meet others who share your interests, discover new writers and sites you can add to your Reader ( ) , and find inspiration for new posts ( ) .

Participate, then Create

If creating and running your own blogging event feels a bit overwhelming, you might want to start by finding a blogging event to join. We keep an updated list of blogging events ( ) here at The Daily Post. Into photography? We’ve got you covered ( ) . Into food blogging, fashion, or other creative hobbies? We’ve got your back ( ) .

If you have a fill your blog’s editorial calendar ( ) with new post ideas.

Start and/or Participate in a Blog Hop
What’s a blog hop, you ask? A blog hop can be run in any number of ways, but here’s what it generally involves:

* A group of bloggers agree to post about a given topic by a deadline they agree on.
* The blog hop usually has a central page that participating bloggers can send a link to.
* Readers can then visit each link, “hopping” from blog to blog reading each author’s take on the subject.

Emily ( ) at The Waiting ( ) runs a weekly nostalgic hop called the Remember the Time Blog Hop ( ) along with co-founder Ashley ( ) . Emily says that the blog hop has resulted in some pleasant surprises.

“Remember the Time ( ) started out as a way for me and Ashley (my co-founder) to just luxuriate in some of the memories we had of growing up, but it has grown into a place where bloggers who would otherwise never have known each other can share some of their most special stories,” says Emily. “We are all a little amazed at how much we remember! I love how our participants are cross-generational; we all learn from each other and realize how much we have in common.”

Here’s another sample blog hop ( ) that recently took place for bloggers who like to write about their pets. These were the guidelines ( ) .

Hosting Your Own Blogging Event
Once you’ve participated in an event or two and made a few blogging friends who are now frequenting your corner of the internet, you might consider starting and running your own blogging event ( ) . Now that you’re in charge, you get to decide what topic(s) and genres your event will focus on, as well as the duration. Into poetry? Why not create a blogging event that encourages participants to write a poem a week, or on the schedule that meets your blogging goals? Into fiction? Photography? Design your event around the topics and genres you’re most interested in.

To help you get started, we’ve got a Blogging Event Survival Guide ( ) you’re welcome to use and share with your participants. Be sure to submit your blogging event ( ) to us — we’ll add it to our list to help you generate interest and participation.

Mil gracias to the Daily Writing Post for the above information!


4 thoughts on “Creating Community and Getting Inspired with Blog Hops and Events

  1. I’m extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Either way keep up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to see a nice blog like this one nowadays.

    1. Buenas tardes from San Miquel de Allende!

      Gracias for the feedback. Yes, this is an off the rack template that I chose because it reflected the vibrant colours in Mexico. I´m customizing and adding new content in the form of pictures, videos, quotations and links and other special features as the winter unfolds for me south of the border. Please check in from time to time to see what this feliz jubilada snowbird is up to! Sending you warm and sunny wishes from SMA!

    2. Buenas noches from San Miquel de Allende,

      Thanks for the comment and the feedback. I’ve only been bloging for about five years and have a lot to learn but WordPress is a very user friendly platform. The template I chose is ‘off the rack’ and I chose it because it uses the bright colours that are very evocative of Mexico and the magnificent colonial city I currently am living in until the end of April. Please continue to check in as I catch up with posting pictures and videos to complement the current and back issue posting!

      Have a fabuloso semana!

      Jpanne Babiak

  2. Buenas tardes from San Miquel de Allende!
    Gracias for the feedback. this fledgling blog is definitely a work in progress and I will be continuing to add content (pictures, videos, quotatins, links and other special features) to the current posting as well as back postings as the winter unfolds. I am aiming for a really polished, kickass snowbird travel niche blog by the time I get to the tenth annual BlogHer conference in San Jse at the end of July! Sending you warm and sunny wishes from SMA!

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