2013 in Review – Focus on Mexico


Amidst all the sensational media about the dangers of traveling in Mexico, here is a reality check that puts things in the right perspective.

Speaking from the viewpoint of a third year snowbird in Mexico I can confidently say that in the two retirement/export enclaves of LakeChapala and San Miquel de Allende crime is no higher than any comparable sized city NOB.

And yes, I was a property crime victim last winter in a wifi neighborhood bar where this random hoodlum spotted this aging gringa and decided to stage a grab and run robbery of my almost new white IPad2. And yes,I did spend half a day and two separate trips to Chapala to report the crime and become a crime statistic.

When I was in Ajijic in December, I returned to the scene of the crime, Tom’s Bar. The proprietor, Tom was a bit surprised to see me but I told him he was not responsible at all. I was merely the wrong place at the wrong time when the random hoodlum walked by and saw and seized the opportunity to grab something immediately saleable.

Could this have happened in Nanaimo where I live NOB? Sadly, the answer is…yes. Ultimately, the biggest loss were about 70% of my pictures and videos because they had not yet been stored’in the cloud.’


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