Here a Fiesta, There a Parade!

I could also reverse the order to have the parade come before the fiesta. What really happens here is not a chicken and egg/pollo y huevo conundrum at all. Here it is a matter celebrating everything until further notice and celebrate the Mexicans do with verve and gusto!

Somehow I missed picking up the local bilingual weekly , Attencion and was unprepared  for  many of the streets of Centro to be cerrado/closed to mark and celebrate the founder of SMA, oddly enough named Allende. Seriously, everyone takes threse  adhoc road closures in stride and there were extra street vendors on hand to serve the shoulder to shoulder throngs of people lining the parade route all the way to the Plaza Principale!

Immediately after the parade concluded SMA Public Works were out in full force to sweep the streets with brooms,I kid you not. And si, there were horses in the parade line up. Everything here is not mechanized and anyway the streets are far too to narrow to send a street sweeper through anyway.

I have also witnessed this broom brigade early in the morning in El Jardin, the Plaza Principale. The stores here open between 10 and 11 so anything before that is considered crack of dawn.Suits me fine as I am naturally a night person. Even to be up and vertical to catch a ride to the Tuesday Market is pushing it. I’ve even tried to go to sleep early in the hopes of feeling human early in the morning. Does not compute. I just have extra time to enjoy fanciful dreams that occasionally I  can  even lucidly direct.

I don’t get any kind of tequila Hanover after swilling a few Margaritas on the rocks made with fresh lime juice but omg, ask me to be ready for a six ride to the airport and I awake like I’ve been on a two week bender!

Anyway here’s to celebrating absolutely everything until further notice! Viva las fiestas de Mexico!


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